How You Can Replenish Electrolytes in Your Body?

Electrolyte drinks are supposed to give instant energy. Some of the electrolyte drinks boost one’s the immune system, intelligence and increase one’s potency and make one much more reflective.

Some of the electrolyte drinks are believed to have aphrodisiac and antidepressant qualities, while others are supposed to improve mood and capacity to concentrate. During energetic exercise or playing games, some of the beverages like Powerade and Gatorade are better known as electrolyte replacements. Others are comparatively new and have ingredients and herbs whose effectiveness has yet to be proved scientifically. 

Despite the good effects of electrolyte drinks, one is supposed to drink them after a lot of considerations. The best electrolyte drink may have a therapeutic dosage of a herbal constituent. The dose of the drink must be decided carefully in this case. If you are taking some medicine then this herbal ingredient gets mixed with you and can cause an allergic reaction.

Why you should need to be careful?

Besides them, one should also go through the label on the electrolytes drink bottle very carefully. This is because some drinks bottle has warnings on their labels that warns that those who are sensitive to caffeine or someone who is suffering from high blood pressure must not drink them. So, those who love to drink electrolyte drinks are strongly recommended to go through warnings on the labels on bottles of the electrolyte drinks and do some of the researches before buying an electrolyte drink.

Last, of all, some of the findings of the research show that electrolyte drinks increase risk-taking behaviors in youths. Those who take electrolyte drinks are more likely to involve in other forms of risk-taking activities, including unsafe sex, not using a seatbelt, taking part in an extreme game, and doing something hazardous on a dare. Electrolyte drinks are hazardous when taken with alcohol.

What are the foods that contain electrolytes?

Everyone realizes that when you exercise or sweat more, you must drink an ample amount of water to rehydrate. What’s more that is incredible. In any case, we can’t forget about replenishing lost electrolytes. Next time you need electrolyte support, attempt these 3food sources that recharge electrolytes quickly.

  1. Bananas- It is said to be that bananas are super rich in potassium as compared to other fruits and veggies. According to facts and reports, you can get 425mg of potassium per banana. In controlling muscles and blood pressure, potassium plays a vital role. You can have them post or pre-workout sessions as snacks.
  1. Watermelon- Like banana, watermelon also makes the perfect pre and post-workout snack. Natural sugar, water, and potassium can be founded in watermelon in good quantity. After a workout to boost energy and electrolyte, snack on a cup or two of watermelon.

3. Dairy products- Yogurt and milk are excellent sources if you want calcium electrolytes.You will get around 450mg of calcium from one cup of yogurt and one cup of milk will provide you around 300mg of calcium. To replenish electrolytes and boost protein, these natural electrolytes make an excellent post-workout snack.

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